This song is a quarter cover and 3/4 mine I just wanted to experiment a bit. I used the main riff from the song "Falling" By John Frusciante, from the Brown Bunny soundtrack. Most of the lead guitar is reversed, so I just jammed 2 separate pieces of guitar and reversed them. The end part of the song is my creation, with the chord progression and then the final piece for the outro.
I didn't spend huge amounts of time on this, and it's only a rough outline of what I'm going to do, so don't be too harsh.
Also, I'm using a Marshall MG15 and a £3 mic So the quality is bad. There's a few mistakes, I know, but just some crit would be nice


The song's called "turn the volume up", do as it says, as it is quite quiet

Quote by gallagher2006
It needs some vocals as it's pretty much the same all the way through =[

It's an "instrumental" of sorts Not meant to have vocals. It's only short anyway. What do you think oh narrow minded one?
you have interesting music, but it needs work. As it is now it sounds like a lot of unfinished tunes that go nowhere. I like your ingenuity using different effects. keep working and you'll make some fine music.

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Cheers man ^ Yeah I know, it's nothing serious just me messing around really. I'll crit yours in your thread. Thanks again.