So i'm planning to do some recording and im going to buy some stuff to start. So i've read stickies and so far i figured out that i need a new soundcard (recording interface-it's the same thing, isn't it?). But what i'm not clear about is this - could i connect my amp directly to soundcard? could i do that through extension speaker input? is there any other way? i have a peavey classic 30, if that matters... or would it be better idea to mic it? which would be better sound quality wise? is there anything else i need?

and what kind of stuff do you reccomend me to buy? I'd like to have something with good quality sound... well since i now record with mp3 player, everything will be like heaven but i want something that will keep me content for some time. my budget for soundcard would be 100-150 eur, if you think i'll need anything else, suggest.

so, i'd be very grateful if you'd help me out
Just go with micing your amp...it will sound a lot better IMO and will be easier.

an interface is not a sound card. an interface is something like the Line 6 TonePorts or any type of usb/firewire interface box. A sound card just takes in sound and is mounted in your computer but wont apply any FX or things like 48v power to a cond. mic.

I suggest going the way of an interface because there is more there and you have to spend a little less but if you really just want to use your amp and FX and mic it then go with a sound card and mixer.

Line 6 TonePort (UX1 or UX2)
USB2.0 card for your desktop *(if you only have 1.1 USB on your computer)
Shure SM57 mic

Sound card:
M-audio 2496
RCA cables
mixer - Any YamaMG series mixer is great...(I suggest the MG10/2 or 12/4)
Shure SM57 mic
And if you want better vocals - a good tube pre-amp:

^ best unit for its price right there.
thanks, good people so everithing makes sence now. I guess i'll go with interface option, as moody reccomended. Well, i had a little research and found outthere are PCI, usb and firewire input thingies, and usb thingie seems to have a reputation of being slow... well, could you reccomend me some interface thongs, preferably PCI or firewire?my budget is around 100-150 eur, that is about 150-200 usd.