So im pretty amp-retarded, i have a crate Gx-30m and most of the product reviews on this amp say its 30 watts, but on the back of the amp on the sticker (with the serial number n such) it says it is a 115 watt.

so im simply confused as to how many watts it is, 30 or 115?
Well it's 30 watt.

The 115 watt sticker means that it's operating in 115v.
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agreed w/gabel. 115watt on the back is the power required (DC - direct current) of the amp. it has nothing to do with how many watts the amp produces to make sound.

my friend from high school (whew, long time ago) tried to convince me his amp was 500w. i laughed hard.
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ah well that helps out alot thanks... even tho im slightly pissed at the guy who sold me the amp claiming it was 115 watts...

im gonna start saving for a bigger amp now..
it's 30 watts.

as gabe says, if it just says 115, that could be the voltage; alternatively, if it says 115 watts, that could be the power consumption (not the output).

either way you were gipped, my commiserations.

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