Sorry if this should be posted somewhere else -

Need a reputable repairman to perform a look over a new rig and perform a setup.


basically - got a new rig, (mex tele) - i dont want to take it back unless its junk,

there are some faint marks on the fret board before each fret

in addition after i tune each string if i play a chord it sounds like ****,

looking for him to reduce fret buzz, correct intonation, replace strings - and if its too out of whack - to recommend whethe or not i should just take it back.
Guitarsource at 95th and Quivera (next to the HyVee) is pretty good.
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By the way, I don't really like guitar source. (I live at 95th and mission, in leawood) They overprice everything, and then bitch about matching pricing. I used to always buy my Elixirs there, because GC stopped carrying them. I would ask them to match the Musicians friend price, and I brought the catalog the first few times, and they would always reluctantly do it after making up some bull**** about how the MF price was a sale price.
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$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?


This is the only guy that I let work on my Gibsons.

This guy does alot of contract work with local music stores around town.
He is in E. Springs

(he used to own Georges Music Store on North Oak in Gladstone.)
He is also a Martin Cert. repairman. --Knows his craft very well.--

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