So my friend and bassist has a girlfriend who he really likes I guess, and she really likes him. Thats good and all but he is super pussywhipped. He never has any free time and has totally changed since hes been with her. I want to hint to him about this but not make it to blunt and obvious. Hes been in a bad mood lately and been saying all kinds of stuff like how his mom hates him and he wants to go back to court and never have to go to her house again and all that ****. I just need some way to say "Hey, Lauren (his gf) is a bitch, she has total control over you and youve been acting totally different ever since you met her." I just want the old him back not the "<333 i would do anything for you" pussy version of him.
just say it
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make him your boyfriend and then you can hang out with him all the time and do a poo on his girlfriends face so then she is ugly and he wont like her any more
Just (bluntly and at every opportunity) tease him about it until he gets pissed off.
Tiger style.
Why bother...? If he's such a tool move on.
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Sounds like someone's jealous...

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just be like "you've changed since you've being going out with that........... absolute C*NT of a girlfriend"
if it's reallly that big of a deal just tell him and stop being a ****. i mean...maybe sugar-coat it a bit and not just say, "hey that bitch is a total slut, you should kill her"...you know
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