I'm looking to get my second guitar soon to replace my awful Berkeley strat copy. I'm mainly into playing solos such as sweet chilid of mine and bohemian rhapsody and looking to spend around £200. I've been thinking of getting the Ibanez ARC100 but I'd have to order it off the internet as there isn't a single shop in the Manchester area that sells it, and I know that would be a risk so I need some opinions on it or any other suggestions. I don't mind spending slightly over 200
You'd be better off saving a while longer and spending around £400 on something with much more lasting appeal. If your heart's set on th £200 price bracket, then I'd recommend the Jackson JS series guitars, they're great value for money
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I hear great things about Yamaha Pacifica, if you want another strat. These show up on everyone's "cheap but good" list.
www.gak.co.uk alot of the epiphone sgs are cheap on there, pretty good for the money good for the classic rock sound your going for also pretty good pricing for most things for uk anyways
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epiphone les paul standard


just keep saving, you will not regret waiting for a better guitar.
OK I'm thinking between the Ibanez ARC100 or the Epi G400 which is sold locally. What do u think?
Ibanez RG321
Fender standard strat (save a bit more up and you're there)
Epiphone SG (G400)

probably your best bet on guitars, you could also save a bit more to get:

Epiphone Les Paul (different types, standard mainly though)
PRS SE custom, singlecut, santana etc
Ibanez S470 or RG 1570 (for good trems)

these are going off GAK prices.
Epiphone LP and Yamaha Pacifica, pretty much by far the most suggested "cheap but good" guitars ever made (and I own both, har har).

However, you'd be a lot better off saving up a lot more money and buying a guitar that can last you for a very long time (just as an example because I recently bought one and went hunting mad to get mine, Fender Jaguars are available for 500 GBP)
OK I really like the ARC100 and the Epi SG's and It would take me at least a year to save for anything over £300. Has anybody here played the ARC100 cos thats my favourite so far. I'm also looking for opinions on the Epi G400 Custom with 3 pickups.
You really won't get anything amazing for under £200, but have a look at some Yamaha PAcificas or some Squier Showmasters. They're pretty good guitars for the price.
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mate save up to 380 cum down to preston soundcontrol and get yourself a mockingbird st!!
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Well for about £200 you can get the Squier Telecustom, which is a really sweet guitar, my mate has one. But in all reality, if you're upgrading, I'd save up a little more cause in the long run you'll just end up replacing this guitar, andyou'll be 200 pound down when you want to buy the next one.
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I think I could stretch 2 £250 for this
Ibanez RG370DX

Any opinions on it

DON'T get a 370DX they're perfect guitars but the tremolo is VERY shoddy, my friend had to have theirs repaired within a week of having it, and if you look at my sig it shows some information on the tuning of it

If you go Ibanez for that price, either go RG321 or save up for S470 or RG1570, you won't get a good tremolo guitar with that money but a bit extra and you will.

Also: www.guitarampkeyboard.com cheapest prices on the internet for england, use them.
Looks great but from what I've read its not for my kind of music. Mainly just looking for opinions on the Arc100 and Epi G400 at the moment