They're actually pretty hard to find. At least good ones... Besides, you would probably need to know the chord progressions for them. Check if you can find some Aebersolds.
Willjay posted some links to Shawn Lane backing tracks in the description of this video.


Also if your interested check out bluesjamtracks.com some cool Guthrie govan improv vids on that site and also some good backing tracks (contrary to the name it isn't exclusively blues). This costs money though just so you know. Hope this helps.
I think the bluesjamtracks.com is bit of a rip-off. I mean many of those backing tracks they have for sale have been circling around the Internet for free a long time now.

I'll see if I can upload some backing tracks for you. Stay tuned.

Here you go: http://www.yousendit.com/download/ZUczaXRDOC9lM1EwTVE9PQ Some fusion, funk, blues... etc.
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Thank you so much, really.
Thank God im an atheist