i'm looking at getting a ESP Ltd. F-250, but i also want a B.C. Rich ( maybe a warlock or a Beast) but B.C. Rich has a higher price. which one would be the better buy? and which sounds and plays better?
Definitely get the F-250. I have the (much) cheaper version of the 250, the F-50, and it is just about as good as my friend BC Rich Warlock. So I'm sure a F-250 would be better by far.
get the f-250, its wayyyy better than bc rich by far, my friend has one and its crazzy aweosome.
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Quote by kelvinxkelvin
save up for the ltd f-400

This ^^

ESP>B.C. Rich anyday
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Esp Do Not Get The Bc Rich!

Esp Is Way Better!!!

Bc Rich Do Not Get It Plz

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Speaking from someone who OWNS the F-250... I say get it.

Its pretty bright and has some good tones but dont expect to get the same sound as you would from a mahogany guitar. I'd say this guitar is good for lead.

I've had it for 3 years and replaced it with EMG actives. [81/85] and I've got to say I love it. I only wish the tonewood was different but thats about it.

And SHAME ON YOU for even looking at B.C. Rich guitars.
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yeah, the only B.C. Rich i'd consider is the assassin, and that's just because it actually has good specs and sounds good, hahaha

ESP, but save up for the 400 series, anything below that has got an agathis body, and they're blegh
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