i m looking for a guitar that has: an original Floyd rose, Seymour Duncan pickups (not by Duncan), 24 frets and pretty much a normal shape (no V's or explorers like).
all this in 900$ or less

for those of u ug holics i did make a similar thread a couple of month's ago but it wasn't very productive.
some sort of Jackson dinky
the trem should be swappable for an Original Floyd to what I've heard
changing the pickups is not that big of a hassle

something like this ESP Edwards also looks like it'd cover your requirements
thats about $800...but you'd have to add another $100 for shipping and god knows howmuch for customs

the Washburn X40 has got 24 frets, Seymour Duncans, the bridge is a Schaller but their floyds are good too
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Schecter C1-FR or get a Hellraiser C1-FR

u will lik trust me. I love it

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well, as u said the custom of an original would cost very much (i guess about 500 more just because its custom) and it also has a bolt-on neck the sux.
and i the problem, with the schecters are the the c1 has a Duncan designed and a licensed (and again a bolt-on) and the hellraiser has emg's which i don't like at all.