Any good? I'm looking for a decent Dime/Metallica tone and can I get one relatively cheap.

I realize that it's not just the pup that effects the tone, but overall, are they any good?
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No. They're pretty terrible.
I've read reports that Dimebag rolls in his grave every time someone buys them.

I'd imagine that'd be pretty painful, he's got EVH's razorback in there with him D:
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lots and lots and lots of treble

if you're looking for Dime's tone check out the Bill Lawrence L500XL, it what Dime actually used before he got the endorsement deal with Seymour Duncan (and even after that)
$65 http://www.billlawrenceonlinestore.com/

You sure thats the real website? I have been told


That is the real website.
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Hmm, so I shouldn't buy the Dimebucker? I'll look into other pups some other time then.
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Razorback? You mean the "bumblebee" Frankenstrat?
That's what i call it, anyway..

Ehhh whatever. I read something about dime giving eddie a yellow and black EVH razorback, then about dime being buried with one of eddie's guitars.

I put 2 and 2 together, and got 5. Go me.
A dwarf might hear you. What then?

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i usually try to refrain from dogging gear because i know in the grand scheme of things different gear may hold different value to different people. but i can truely say that the dimebucker is quite an awful pickup. id only consider using it if i were in a grindcore band or just wanted something that feedbacked a lot.