Just wondering if any amp will be fine for a downtuned 5 string, or if I need any specific ratings. I was hanging toward the Ashdown MAG 2x10 combo.
What are you downtuning a 5 string for? That seems unnecesary to me, but whatever.

Any bass amp should be fine.
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You'll need a pretty decent amp, since something such as a practice amp won't pick up the low frequencies very well. It won't sound good.
I'm going to assume that you are downtuning for Korn songs by your name, but yeah the 2x10 should be fine but you may want to look into a 1x15
Ahh there's been a spate of frequency related topics today. I think there's been a bit of a scare cause the frequency given for the speakers is higher than a lowE!

Anyway, to answer your question TS, more expensive, better built amps will handle the lows better. Your ashdown will do this quite good.

The speaker size is about how well it will produce the note you want, the larger the speaker the better it'll be at handling lows, however because you have two 10", it should be alright.

I could be mistake here but dont Ashdown MAG's have a "sub harmonic generator"? If it does, turn this on, now! It'll boost your low end and make it feel more thick.

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any amp would be fine tho. however, id suggest a 1x15 rather than a 2x10. you get more low end on a 115 which would be better for downtuning.
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Quote by Kornakopia
Just wondering if any amp will be fine for a downtuned 5 string, or if I need any specific ratings. I was hanging toward the Ashdown MAG 2x10 combo.
I certainly would not recomend a 2x10 unless you'r using an add on 15 as well, you must make sure when buying a combo that you can add a second cab without disconnecting the combo's own speaker/s, this is very important.
If you amp is not of high enough wattage this will cause it to clip when playing low notes a stage levels, this often appears to be a problem with the speakers, in reality it is the square waves that the amp is producing due to the output stage being overworked.
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it will have to be big, as people have said, it would be a good idea to add a 15" speaker onto that combo, you should be able to add an extra cab as there is a 4X10 version of that combo aswell.

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Seriously? Can you hear much difference below the B? The lowest I've done is downtuned to Bb - only done that once and it was verrry low. An A is just too low to hear difference and a coherent note. I certainly find the B ample depth. Besides, if you want to go that low, just up-tune the song (say it's in Bb up-tune it to B so the key note is on the bottom - and the same for any other note in the scale).

But in answer to your question, you definitely need at least a 15" amp. I don't think 12" will cut it (even with a 5 str without down tuning). And you will also need a pretty high wattage (exactly what depends on your stage volume). If you find the overall sound too bassy just add a couple of 10"s but if you have to choose go with the 15.
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