Ive been looking at tabs for when I learn to play guitar, I dont get this part of wonderwall.

Stick a capo on the second fret and use these chords

F#m7 - 022033
A - 320033
Esus4 - xx0233
B7sus4 - x02033
B7sus4* - x02233
Dadd9 - x32033
A/G# - 2x0033

Your 3rd and 4th fingers stay on the E and B
strings on the 3rd fret throughout the song

If you put a capo on second fret then how do you play the strings with the 0 on them since itll be the 2 instead of 0.
in the chord numbering, 0 = 2nd fret, 2 = 4th fret, 3 = 5th fret. usually you count from the capoed fret starting as zero
i just wrote in in wordpad and added 2 to all the numbers so i wont be completely lost lol..