Okay, just today, I bought a Digitech Death Metal distortion pedal. It wasnt working, so I decided to change the battery (9V). When I took out the battery that was in it, the circular connecter on the pedal snapped right off! It was still stuck in the hexagonal connecter on the battery. Im really ****in pissed. Has anyone else had this problem, and is there anything I can do about it, or should I just take ot back?
I bought my used Df-7 and it came with the same problem. If you use an AC adapter you will be much more happy than just using batteries anyway because it is much cheaper.
I just plugged into my portable DVD players AC adapter, but its not turning on. The pedal is plugged into the guitar, and the amp is on and is plugged in, plus i pressed the pedal, but it wont turn on.
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The adapter says Output 9V, but the pedal is just not turning on. Is G-man05 still here?