I recently purchased an american GTD15R crate amplifier, and I was wondering if I could use this in europe without buying a transformer. I know I need to buy a different plug for european sockets, but do I need a transformer to change the voltage?
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well as far as I know yeah you do, although I'm not so sure, but a transformer ain't that expensive.
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You need a Transformer, unless the Amp has a switchable voltage on the back (Which i presume the crate wont have).. Without a transformer, you'll be running 230v~ into something that takes 110v. Look on the back of the amp, and it will say the power rating/consumption in Watts.. buy a Transformer which is higher than the number. They're really not expensive at all.. try Maplin.
I bought a transformer just in case, I would have needed one for some other things I have anyway. Thanks for the input folks.
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