can anyone tell me if there is any good websites or certain searches i could try to find exact band setups and the actual effects to their songs?... some bands that i am looking to mimic: three doors down, afi, the white stripes, and some more i can't think of at the moment.

i have tried guitargeek.com, but i haven't found what im looking for. is there any existing website(s) that contain information about instruments, effects, piece by piece to mimic a sound?
sh!t sorry i never read teh ending part. uhh guitar world magazine has the exact pedal setup and exact settings... maybe www.guitarworld.com would have it also?
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I believe there is a thread here on UG about this. Something like the Ultimate Settings Thread or something similar.
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for white stripes just get a digitech whammy and ur on ur way
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You might want to check each bands Official Website sometimes their gear is listed also check their fan sites because normally they have forums and those forums are inhabited by superfans that will know.

Also I know the Guys from Three Doors Down one uses a Genz Benz El Diablo and the other i think uses a H&K Triamp.

The guy from AFI uses Mesa Recto through a Marshall Cabinet

Jack White im not sure but he probably plays a twin reverb or something like that and some ****ty ass guitar from the 60s
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appreciate it. i checked the ultimate settings thread and thats going to take a while to look through, so i just posted a question for a song. i was refering mainly to settings to certain songs that im trying to play. ill try the fan sites. are there any books you can buy on settings?

yeah ive seen that guitar jack white plays on conan, looks like its made out of plasitc.