I have a Gibson SG (standerd)...and lately I saw small dents on the neck (I mean the backside of the neck not the fretboard)..is that normal?cause my teacher has also a SG and the same story on his guitar?I just wonder why it happends?I clean the guitar and I don't bump it or anything?also I haven't seen this before on other brands of guitars...

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I dunno.

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Its nothing to fret over if its just little dings, they could be anything, maybe where you have knocked it on something, or maybe when its been put in a stand and it hit abit of the metal?
It's just where your guitar neck knocks against things probably. A couple of my guitars all have little nicks here and there on the neck where i've been a bit careless.
it's not due to the use of a capo is it? i have seen necks with dents on the back due to this.
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Depends on what kind of capo, mine has padding so it doesn't do it on mine. I have 2 small dents in my neck, doesn't bother me though.
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do you set you guitar up against your amp? The same thing happened to my SG, Mahagony dents easily, what wood is your guitar neck made of?