I wrote this song possibly four years ago... its old as hell...
I just wanted to record it because 1) I was bored.. and 2) I was playing it on the piano

Its really not that great, I added a lot of synth and crazy overlays...

Vocals are alright as well, def not my best work overall but its the best the song can be in my opinion...

Heres the link: http://www.foundyesterdaymusic.com/I%20Am%20Alone.mp3

Well comments are appreciated...
It has a pretty nice vibe to it, and I enjoyed the singing (wish I could sing like that). The lyrics, however, have kind of given me a toothache - they seem overplayed (to me, at least). It was sung very nicely, though.
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Wow, I think it's really awesome. Great vocals, haven't really listened to the lyrics yet. I love it.
probabaly one of the best quality songs i've heard on this forum... Next time leave out the vocals and express your emotions with the music.. Then you might actually have something intresting.. the song was good quality but rather boring... to me that is...
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Thanks for the comments. I agree with all of you actually, It is a bit boring not to many chord changes... I don't think the vocals should be removed... I think they are okay... maybe its the lyrics you ment to say, oh well anyways.. thanks everyone as for the C4C... I listned to it its pretty good do you have a UG thread I can post on?? The guitar is good the vocals could use a little work they seem to blend together to much so I can't understand it.. the drums are solid a little weak in the mix...
I liked it, very coldplay
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Kinda makes you wanna kill yourself... in a good way... hhahaha, it creates a great mood and is very skilfully crafted. Can't really fault it much at all. I liked.

Would you mind giving my song a listen and some feedback? cheers.

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