Just wondering most of the people on here, how many guitars do you own and what brands are they ?

Are you loyal to the one brand or have maybe a couple of different brands ?
i am in no way loyal to one brand, haha. I have/had almost one of everything, im a buyer/fixer upper/seller. beats have a part time job ANYDAY. Right now i have 6 electrics in my posession, as of tomorrow i will have 4 and 710 dollars in my pocket. Charvel, Washburn, Schecter, Taro, Aria, Kramer
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wow i have 2 gibsons (an sg special faded and a les paul jr.), a fender standard stratocaster, and some junk jackson (i think its a Dinky js-20 with a liscensed floyd). my dad has a 79 les paul, and a deluxe strat with lace sensors. im looking at an acoustic too
i have 3 guitars currently
I have an epiphone SG with a Seymour Duncan SH-5 Duncan Custom in the bridge (which is very beautiful by the way)
i also have an '06 jackson DK-2 Dinky with the original Duncan Designed PU's(im currently trying to sell it) and then i have a crappy acoustic with the same strings that were on it like a year ago
I also have a Lyon by Washburn bass from target which actually ain't that bad
LTD EC-1000 BLK w/ killswitch mod.
Dean Tradition One Acoustic.
and soon to be... LTD M-1000 (put 500 down on it for layaway)
2: carvin, PRS SE
Carvin DC-135
PRS SE Soapbar II

Vox AD30VT

Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff
Zakk Wylde Dunlop Crybaby

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1989 Peavey Falcon (strat like copy)
2002 fender tom delonge signature strat (surfgreen, MINT)
whats in my sig + a MIM Strat

Hamer Studio (GATC)
Hamer Artist (ARTM)
Hamer Sunburst F/T
Dean from Hell
Ampeg VT-40
Marshall VS65R
Peavey Backstage Plus
Umm, a 2 Tone Dean Razorback, a Gibby LP With EMG's, a Charvel, a cheap Epi Acoustic, a junk washburn that I fixed up with new pickups, a Epi LP Jr, A cheap Yamaha Bass, an Ibanez RG1570, soon a Schecter C-1 Classic
sig, i love that epiphone elitist studio XD
Epiphone Les Paul Custom (Alpine White) (retired)
Gibson Les Paul Swamp Ash studio
Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded (Tobacco Burst)

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz
Uhh as of today..

A series MIJ Fender Esquire (54 re-issue)
A series MIJ Fender Telecaster (62 re-issue)
ESP Viper standard
Schecter PT Blackjack
my xRASPUTINx custom jackson copy.
Squier Telecaster standard
Cimar by Ibanez strat copy (HSS)
and a crappy nylon string acoustic.

Soon I'll be adding either a Thinline tele or a Gibson BFG Les Paul.

The ESP is for sale BTW if any Australian's are interested..
Schecter Artist Edition C1
Washburn T24 Bass
Greg Bannet Samich Acoustic
and soon a custom build SG body..

Eventually down the road I'll have a decent alvarez or martin acoustic, depending on how much I want to spend, a real Gibson SG / LP, and a Schecter Elite 4 bass..
I have a MIM Fender Fat Strat, an Ibanez V70CE Acoustic/Electric, and I'm thinking of picking up one of Jerry Jones' Neptune guitars (a Danelectro rip off)
ibanez rg570, and epiphone LP standard
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I have 2 guitars. In my sig.

2004 MIM Strat w/ Fender Hot Noiseless pickups
Sovtek MiG 60
Avatar 2x12 w/ Celestion Greenbacks
Snark Tuner
MXR Custom Comp
Fulltone Full-Drive 2
Dunlop JHM3 Univibe
TC electronic Nova Delay
TC electronic Arena Reverb
The three in my signature, and the crappy Peavey starter guitar I started with, I never play it, so it just sits upstairs in my closet.
10 - Lefties that is.......

'06 Martin 00CXAE Acoustic / Electric
'01 Fender Am Dlx Strat
'91 Fender MIJ Strat
'97 Fender Am Std Tele
'01 Fender MIM Tele
'90 BC Rich TS
'05 RavenWest 590-T
'06 Dean VXL
'06 Agile AL-2500 12 String
'07 Jay Turser JTLT Custom Dlx

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