Hey all, I am looking into buying a nice OD pedal and was looking at either a Maxon OD-9 or a Maxon OD-9 Pro +. Is anyone able to tell me if there are any major differences between these pedals? Is the Maxon OD-9 Pro+ essentially just an OD-9 with the boost feature? Also, any other recommendations on a good OD would be great, i play mostly classic rock and blues.
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for classic rock and blues i think the Maxon OD 808 would be better. I have played all three and i prefer the OD-9 over the pro+ and 808 but i play metal
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I've heard the Maxon OD9 is the closest to the original ibanez tubescreamer. So it should be good. The OCDs are great too.
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The OCDs are great also in case you didnt know Maxon used to make all the ibanez pedals thats why the Maxon pedals have the same chasis' as the Ibanez pedals. The reissue Ibanez stuff is mostly junk though so stay away from it.
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