I have been looking into some multi-effects pedal lately, some options i have come up with are - Pod xt live, Boss Gt- 8, Toneworks LE, Digitech GNX3000. I would like great sounding distortions (not too hardcore/metal), some great clean tones and a bunch cool effects. Its usually hard to find everything you want though... I have a fender telecaster and a fender amp thats like $300 if that helps decide which pedal would be best for me. Please give your opinion and reasons to help me decide between these pedals. Ask any questions if you need to know what i would like with my effects pedal. THANK YOU!!!
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out of a multi your not gonna get great soundinf distortions and cleans with a bunch of cool effects, by buying one your sacrificing quality for qunatity, but im not sayin gtheyre terrible, but your not gonna get anything great.
The Boss is really easy to use, but i've heard that you get better quality from the Digitech and more reliability from the POD. The cool thing about the Boss is that you can buy and add more patches (pedals).

May I suggest a Zoom G9.2TT? I like the fact that the wah and expression pedal are separate and not mixed like in the others.
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I think you gots those pedals mixed up crow man. Atleast from what ive heard the pod is easy to use i no you can get new patches for the pod, but im not sure, boss may do the same and the easiness a pedal is to use can just be opinion, but from looking at the pedal the pod looks much easier to use.
There is a great "head to head" shootout of the main multis over at "stompbox.net". Written by a very cool guy, he did a great job.
My preference is toward the Boss GT8, as it is flexible enough to "grow" with you if you move into a nice amp.
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GT8 is my vote.
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The Digitech and Pod are both great ..... but there is something about the GT8 that does it for me .
Take a look at my GT-8 thread.

Evening_crow - I believe you got your boards mixed up. The POD has patch and effects downloads. The Digitech is the least reliable. And the Boss has the best quality, but a heavier learning curve.
Vox Tonelabs are officially really good. Infact i'm just sitting here and there's an ad for one (an LE, new model perhaps?) on the back cover of Guitarist in front of me. Looks very impressive.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
i was pretty impressed with the zoom multi effects pedals, u can get some really distturbing sounds from em