Ive been learning music theory lately, amd its so borning. I dont feel like Im a better musician I just feel like I sound smarter. But I havent learned that much theory. I know about the major scale, chords, and modes (still a little comfused about them). But if I learned more will it realy make a diffrence? What is a good web site to learn so I won't get bored with it? Thanks
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At first, you'll feel like it's not doing you much good. As you get into it, though, you'll find that it does help a lot with writing songs and knowing what's going on in the music you listen to.

Even if it only helps you identify the minor sixth of your key, it's still a great thing to have.
Deciding to learn theory was probabaly my most important decision in becoming a musician, second only to buying a guitar.

I'll put it this way though, you don't need it to make decent music. But if you you're pretty well versed in theory, it's way easier to figure out how to make the sounds in your head on the guitar. I highly recommend sticking with it. I would be nowhere near as good a songwriter and overall musician without learning theory.
Well, the point of learning theory is different for different people. If you want to improvise / write solos, you need to have a decent grasp of scales and the chords they go with. If you want to write/compose music, you need to know how to do it and make it sound right. I, personally, would not say it's a waste of time at all to learn more and more theory. I would say that about anything, really.
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Cool, thanks Im gonna keep learning.
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Definetly keep learning. You have only just begun! Fornow, focus on on lot of time on learning the major scale all over the fretboard.it is the root of many things you will learn
Theory was an amazing experience for me in High School. I had a great teacher and I learned a lot. It didn't exactly make me a better guitar player (my fingers aren't the best). But, because of my theory background, I almost do all the arranging for my band.
The guitar is a musical instrument, we're lucky in that it's pretty easy to get some nice sounds out of it without knowing any music theory...you can't get away with that with most instruments. You can learn to play stuff on the guitar without theory, but you can't learn to play "the guitar" without it, if you get my meaning. Without theory you can copy the movements to make the sound, but you don't have any comprehension of what you're doing. It's like teaching a parrot to talk.

Wanting to play the guitar without learning theory is like wanting to speak a foreign language without learning it.
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If your writing music, HELL YEAH

If your just playing tabs, not as important, but still slightly important.
I know kids who have played for 3 maybe 4 years and not know a shred of theory. All they do is play tabs.