i need some help, i would like to get my band actually playing/practicing together soon, but the problem is i'm not too sure how commited my band is. i havent heard from my drummer since school got out, my bassist isnt even sure if he wants to be in it or not, and my lead guitarist can never practice when we try to.

i dont know if i should stick with them or if i should try to find more serious members?
Set a certain day each week to practice, if you can. If your bandmates don't show up for several practices in a row, then you can see that they're not committed, and that you'll need to find a replacement.
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dedication is the hardest thing to find next to actual talent (if you live in california). i'd kep searching for more dedicated members man. good luck to you though.
I have the same problem, well, kinda of. I can get my band to show up, but then they all do their own things, like my bassist plays stupid taking back sunday things, my drummer just screws around, which i don't mind because he's good enough to just mess, but my bassist needs to learn some serious commitment... i feel your pain bro.
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thanks for ur advice, i just heard that my bassist does'nt really want to play anyway, but again thanks
Dedication > Talent. If they're dedicated to the band they're also most likely dedicated to their instrument and sounding great.