So this Eastman AR910ce is about to come into my posession for 200 dollars. I looked it up and new this guitar is 3,500 dollars. friend of a friend from a yardsale thing. came with original hardcase, all original everything looks brand freaking new EXCEPT:

I need to know how i can fix this, because id like to do it. materials needed/cost/etc. and just for a reference id like to know how much it would cost an average guitar tech to do this. here are some more pics, it is beautiful.

i would use some wood glue, but thats just me. i honestly have no idea how to fix that
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if you can get the space to glue and dowel it, that would keep it in place rather nicely. but if not, then just slop some glue in there.
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i dont want to sound like an ass
but i think you should take it to luthier, or email a luthier with that picture
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Well i have to get this thing up to new-standards in order to make my money off of it. epoxy..wood glue... sash clamp with towels to protect finish. Which would hold better, epoxy or a nice wood glue? How long drying time we looking at here?
Post this in the Gear Customization forum, somebody over there will know exactly what to do .
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Epoxy.....but if you really want it done right, take it to a luthier

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