this thread is for the american television show, entourage.

discuss different episodes, favorite characters, and funny ass moments!

for me, the best moment of this season was when johnny drama got unlucky and got a rim job from the fat chick instead of getting with the milf!
hah, what? Which episode was that. I didn't get to see half of em. I went from they were about to go shoot Median, to its done and the director doesn't want to show it to them, to it being leaked, then to Lloyd and getting dumped by his boyfriend

I liked when Vince was trying to get help with funds, and had E come along with him on a visit to the funder's girl. The guy got mad at him and he still got to bang her. No fair
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wow dude way to think innovative. nice plan.
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that would be awesome if you saw it all the way through, good imagination

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