does anybody know how i would go about building my own pedal board? i only have one pedal as of now, but im planning on getting a few more soon and i dont want to just have them laying around on the floor, but i also dont want to spend any extra money to buy one. i was thinking of just getting some plywood and putting velcro on it, is that too simple? will it work? i also might need a space for one of those box power strips something like this unless i just buy a daisy chain
do it up ghetto style, grab some plywood, some kinnex, or that metal ribbon stuff with the holes in it that you can bend. Cover the board with duct tape, and find someone to screw the pedal into the board! hook up a daisy chain power adaper and your good to go!
google my friend there are tons of pages on the net that tell you how
You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!
Well for the pedalboard I got I used


only 5 inputs though, but it works fine
Yea just go look at the pedal board building thread, find out what you want, and do your best to make it
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