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epiphone standard
0 0%
epiphone SG
2 100%
Voters: 2.
im looking to purchase a guitar before the year is over. I have been looking but not *really looking* i have narrowed it down to a couple of choices.

1. Epiphone standard
2. Epiphone SG

Please tell me which one u would pick and why.

Also, i am i guess an intermediate guitar player.. i play chords and i am trying to teach myself the lead guitar parts. i need something that sounds great and worth the money.

im into playin around with pop, alternative rock some classic rock Christian worship

Thanks so much
Well okay. First of all.

I would not even think of buying a guitar if I didn't know **** about it. Starting with the name.

It's an Epiphone LES PAUL Standard.

And if you knew the first thing about guitar playing. You would know to go to a guitar store and try out the guitars to see which one fit you best.

For ****'s sake.

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What's an Epiphone Standard?

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Gibson if you want that style.

Also, I, personally, would consider a MIM Strat for that price.
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