Is there any way to get guitar pro for free or get a new trial after mine expires. This program really seems to help me a lot because keeping a steady pace can be difficult for me no matter what instrument im playing on
You could always pirate it from a P2P network, but thats illegal and as such wont be discussed here
download from limewire or a torrent (if using limewire get the biggest file you can find or it will end up being a virus) alternatively buy it, if you buy it you get free patch upgrades, discounts on new version etc
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This what i usually do.. download the trial version for free then save the installer in a pendrive & when i wanna install guitar pro into PC.. Unistall/remove it before the expire date comes..
so i could get guitat pro off of limewire, good because i dont want to spend 60 bucks on a program like guitar pro
^Yes, but just buy it, its money well spent.
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