For most of the basic wiring can I just use a generic type of wire or do I need a certain type/polarity. I just need to wire some pickups together (2 Humbuckers + volume + 3 way toggle).

Also, do they sell shielding paint at Home Depot?
just wire with some rubber shielding on it. 22 gauge would be nice. it could be pretty thin, since its just guitar output, which is 2V for a healthy output.
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yeah just get some small gauge wire (22 or so) with some shielding on it... or you could always get some shielding tape...

You could go for some uber expensive silver wire/ professional grade electronics wire if your feeling that ballsy, but thats unneccisary
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Out of interest, is stranded or solid wire more commonly used in guitars, and why, does it make a difference?
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Most guitars use stranded wire.

Stranded wire has less resistance because there is more surface area on individual strands of a given size. Electricity has a tendency to flow on the surface of wire more than the center of it. The more strands in the same gauge = less resistance.

Solid core wire also has the disadvantage of being stiff, making it difficult to work with a lot of times. If you are trying to wedge a lot of wires/switches/pots/etc... into a small guitar cavity, it can get in the way and not bend when you push down. Because of this, solid core wire becomes brittle at points where its tied down. (be it a solder joint, lug, or screw terminal or whatever) When you bend the wire, the majority of the pressure seems to land at the ends of it, breaking it off pretty easily.

I work with wire every day in my profession, and I hate solid core wire. (though I have to use a lot of it) It should only be used when required, like for fire code ratings in buildings.
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