alright so in my neighborhood i have this lil beach you can go down on and what im thinking about doing is having a lil party down there (probly only 10-15 ppl). my question is.. if the cops get a call of a noise complaint or soemthing can the cops come down to the private beach?
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of course they can

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if its a noise complaint yea
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If it's privately-owned land then they can come to the edge of it and call you over, and if you don't listen to them they'll go get a warrant or whatever and come in to bust your ass.
Depends on the specific situation, and location. In my area, I can see both scenarios.
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lol if you get a noise complaint then yeah...but i dont see how you could get a noise complaint from a house while your at the beach -.-

or if its simply illegal to..then yeah.

otherwise its perfectly legal i suppose....

ask a po po offico lol...they'll have your answer
if theres anyway of getting down to the beach, the cops can go.
i.e. if your door is open the cops CAN in fact just walk in

If someone says you guys have alcohol or the cops hear you guys say anything about alcohol or drugs, they have probable cause to go down there.

Also think about this: if your in your house blasting your stereo, the cops can come and tell you to turn it down for disturbing the peace.

Thus in short.....probably.



Just don't play music too loud. I know when someone wakes me up I get pissed enough to call the cops. I'm cranky if you wake me up before 8 hours... Like stab you with a fork cranky.
If cops show up to a noise complaint they'll generally just ask you to turn the music down
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i'm sure they could do something about it. but i think it would be worth the risk, sounds like a lot of fun. unless you have overly bitchy neighbors...

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