not sure what sub-categorey of metal it would come under, but i dont really care coz metal's metal. also im thinking of recording it.

well c4c as usual

EDIT: ive added a 2nd version of the solo into the zip file attatched, let me know which ones better

metalsong(ver 1 + 2).zip
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^ will do, ive finished the drum tracks now i just gotta record the bass and guitar, and then its done
The main riff starts, and the crowd starts moshing. Its a realy catchy riff. Maybe a little harmony at bar 13? Bar 31, a realy bluesy feel. Again at 34. The lead at bar 50 is great, it realy fits the song. The solo is realy good. The song has many cool headbaning riffs, i look forward for your recording! 9\10
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Awesome post, dude.

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This is the perfect mosh song! Everything was awesome, but the solo was MEGA AWESOME!!! I love how you can mix blues and metal together. It sounds really nice. This might be overkill but maybe a little more harmonies where the guitars are playing the same thing. Nice job!
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AHh awesome stuff here...I like the first one better I think. The solo flows better...

But yea the riffs were great, I LOVED the "Post-Chorus" triplet riff...It was t3h sex...

The solo was concrete. Great! I also like when the clean guitar comes in too....All around a great song...I enjoyed listening to it. xD


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