looking for a semi hollow project, . anybody have one they want to part with please email me jjegg63@yahoo.com send me pics and details. also into trades I have a greg bennett red samick strat (has some bings) with SSS design with grovers ,alder,maple neck, duncan pups will trade or let me know your cash price. please reply. thx
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I have a semi hollow guitar which woud be good for a project. Its a set neck and a burgandy burst color. And im sure it would be a great guitar if it was fixed up. The body and neck are in decent shape, a few dings here and there, however the headstock has an inscription says "funderburk" i dont know what the hell it i, i bought it that way. The brand seems to be Honda but i cant tell because its faded away. Ill post pictures as soon as i can.
I have a Semi-Hollow PRS shaped guitar. Great condition, except for the corrosion on the gold hardware. Flamed Maple top, set maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, A dark brown stained mahagony back and on the neck. Only problem, is it doesn't have a cavity in the back to get to the hardware. Looks like you have to go through the humbucker cavity. Tune-omatic style bridge. 24.75" scale (Les Paul scale) with 24 frets. Here are some pics.


Getting rid of this for $110 shipped, to clear out some of my crap.
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