There has been a paint competition, and various others, and as much as i have searched there has not been a pencil art competition.
So i decided to make one.


+ There will be a time limit in which to sign up, after that i will make the actual competition thread so people can Submit/judge entries.

+ I have decided that there will be no judges, but after a predetermined number of votes have been cast (depending on the group size) the entries with the most votes will go through to the next round.

+ Group size and how much people can go through each round will be determined by how much people sign up.

+ All the Timing will be done according to GMT.

+ All art must be done by yourself, it cannot be traced or stolen. You may copy a picture, as long as you are doing it by hand, without the aid of anything.

+ You must be able to scan/take a photo of your picture and upload it to a place like Photobucket before the deadline of the entries are up.

+ Each group will be given a theme, and the drawings must revolve around that theme.

+ Further rules will be posted in the actual competition thread.


(entries will be accepted until Sunday, august 5th 12:00 pm GMT)

After that no more will be accepted

So sign up here.

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