I seem to have a strange problem. I've been working on alternate picking for a longgg time and I've become quite good at it. The problem is, my left hand fingers can't keep up with my right hand picking. I can't move down through the frets fast enough on my left hand to keep up. Bit of a noobish problem, but oh well. I need some help, so please help a guy out. Thanks in advance.
It's all muscle memory.

Practice with a metronome, start slowly, and speed it up as you get comfortable.
So basically I have to kinda ignore the picking and just work on moving my fingers faster? I mean, I can see these guys look at scales and stuff and without knowing them, and they play it fast as lightning. I don't really know how to say it. Are there any particular exercises that are good for this kind of stuff? Is there anything I can do to work out my fingers while not playing guitar? Thanks guys.