I've heard the Mesa Cab sounds a little bit more full and has more bottom end. The nearest Mesa retail store is over two hours away so i can't try the Mesa cab (because of Mesa's f*cking retarded store policy). Do you thing a Marshall JCM 900 cab or a Mesa 4x12 rectifier cab is better?
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I do believe the Mesa Cab is better than the 900 cab becuase the 900 cab is garbage. But i think the Marshall Vintage cab is much better much warmer than the Mesa
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I think Carvin V3 or Legacy cab are better, they got V30 Celestion speakers and half of the Marshall's cab price, Same quality but a much better price
Vader...? cheaper, and tighter bass end [so they say]
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Mesa Dual rect.

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Dude if you can don't waste your money on a Mesa cab, go for an Orange. It's got V30's and it's awesome
If you own a Mesa head, do yourself a favor and get the Mesa cab. They are voiced for each other. Plus, if you find you dont like it (which most likely wont happen) you can sell it for near what you pay as Mesa resale value is nearly unequalled because of transferable warranty.
The worst Mesa I have ever heard was pushing a Marshall cab (and no, I am not knocking Marshall, just an honest observation, could have been the exception to the rule).

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GT12 75s if I remember right. I dont like them.. I like V30s which is why I have a mesa cab. Tight as hell
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