hey i wanna get a new guitar some day and when i was trying out amps in a shop i used a epiphone explorer it looked really cool and played well. is this actully a good guitar, im thinking about getting it for my B day ????
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epiphone makes very good guitars at very affordable prices. if you like how the guitar sounds and plays, go for it! just make sure it sounds good through your amp first.
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ya i'm poor so i got an epi sg and i think it kicks ass so if that specific one plays well, get that specific one. remember, play b4 you buy
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was it the goth? that explorer is amazing
yep, what really make you sound well is your amp
nah it wasnt the gothic 1 it waz blk with white and gold bridge and stuff, it looks cool, ill prob consider it 4 my bday then
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yeh i got that for christmas, if you want it to play stuff like coheed and cambria its got the best tone.
epi explorers have great tones, little neck heavy but all explorers are, id just change out the P/Us thats my only suggestion
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I would go for it. I also picked up a kornia explorer that I absolutely love the feel of one day, but I didn't actually buy it.
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