Ok well im looking to play a like range of sounds varying from blues rock such as cream, to zepplin to heavier rock such as purple and lots of sabbath and even some more metal stuff such as megadeth and even some shred stuff (mainly vai sound) So im wondering which is best outa these two for this sound. I heard the DSL is very versatile but wont excel in anything, and i heard the laney is awsome for classic rock but wont do metal! So would the laney be better for aeverything else maybe, and possibly stick like two overdrives with its distortion chanel to get to metal or something.

Also at the moment i have a epiphone iommi SG, and metal muff. Also im definately buying a fulltone clyde deluxe when i get the money after i brought the amp. And i have an MG at the moment AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
VC30 is more versatile, but you heard right, it wont do metal without an OD. DSL would so classic rock very well I wouldve though and has more gain, wasn't too impressed with the cleans though, VC30 has class cleans IMO. Id go for a VC30 with a nice OD pedal to boost the dirty channel.
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VC30, of course, just pick up a booster/OD pedal and it'll do metal fine.

Where the hell has my laney thread gone, I need to go resurect it.
lol ok well that seems to be sorted and think u will, but do any of u guys know if sound control (southhampton) stock laneys/
The VC30 and an OD should be able to cover all of that. The Laney is a lot nicer than the DSL's too.
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VC it is then, would i get there with a ts9 or would i be better getting a more meaty sound OCD or something like that
TS9 would get the Metal tones better than an OCD i'd imagine.

Also VC's own, you're paying like an extra £100 for a little badge that says Marshall on a DSL.
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right so definately VC now keep metal muff or buy overdrives
and if so which?
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It seems most of your questions have been answered.... Go for the Laney if you like it, get a decent overdrive. We cant tell you exactly what you should get, so just go try different overdrives and such.
yeah my local guitar shops are crap, and miles away so its hard, well ones i can think of are boss, ts9 and OCD any others