how would i go about getting the paint to strip away like this guitar?

i have a squier strat that would be nice to make look a bit better
I dont know.... but John Mayer is awesome, so do it.
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EDIT: This might help. LINK
Stock Gibson Pickups from a 2005 V, I think they're a 498T and 500T set FS/FT
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probably just using a sander or sand paper.
or you could do it the hard way and keep it 50 years and let the paint wear away.
The John Mayer strat is just an SRV strat with a different pickguard and no stickers.

A nitro finish would wear like that. But an ordinary poly finish probably won't wear like that short of taking a belt sander to it.

And that still wouldn't look right.

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a finish like the kind on a highway one guitar can wear like that within a few years... its an ultra thin nitro satin finish.
Search up "Relic Guitar" on google and there should be some things on relicing a guitar
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is your strat black, if yes sand it down except where his is black, and stain the rest, or at least it looks stained to me.
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is your strat black, if yes sand it down except where his is black, and stain the rest, or at least it looks stained to me.

its black yes

stain with what?
i did this by accident actually. I was chemical stripping my bass (after sanding a bit) and my dad kept telling me to let it sit to be easier. Well some stuff came up and i had let it sit for a little over a day. When i tried to scrap the stuff of only certain sections came off because the stripper had dried completely here and there.

Long sotry short, It's been a week and i haven't recoated in stripper to finish the job because it looksso badass and worn out. Try it.