I've had the idea of having people perform pieces of music and sending them into me so I could piece them together. Imagine some guy from the UK sending me a drum beat and I match it up with another person's guitar rhythm from Australia and a bass line from japan. It's just something I think could be an interesting idea put to use. All tracks would go to the project know as Fch, and no one will recieve credit. It's not about the recognition and glory, though that's pretty sweet, it's about making music, so no one will have any credibility, it'll all be equal. Just a blank disc of sweet music, so if you're shy or don't won't people to know it's you or something, this is your chance to be heard and not seen.

You can contact me at myspace.com/fchem and I it's not a link, so don't bother telling me it dosn't work.