Hi, I've recently been trying to listen to strumming patterns in a variety of songs to pick them out then play them myself, unfortunately I'm struggling with some.

Can anyone help me out with this, heh, Avril Lavigne one:


It's the intro and the verse I just can't get right. Could someone please simply list the up/down strokes in order for the bar?

Mind you i am playing an electric so it's always gonna sound different, but although my strumming sounds similar, the up/down strokes definately arn't in the right order.

Does it just take practise to be able to simply listen to a rythm then play it exactly the same way?

Thankyou for any help/information you can give.
i dont know what the problem is... i picked it up right away. So maybe its just practice. maybe choose a diffrent song/....

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can you list order the ups and down strokes for just a bar of the intro then please?


v v ^ v ^ v ^ ^ ^ v v

for example.

or, does it have any forums for muting in the verse riff?
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