i just replaced all 6 strings of my elec. guitar and tuned them by my processor but therez something wrong with the bridge now, i have a floating one, its slanted towards the neck of the guitar! like its under some strain and about to snap out! although its playing fine but like it's rear end is high in the air ! before it wasnt like this, whats goin on ?
you probably put a different guage of strings than it was set u for. This is no big deal. all you have to do is tighten the tension on the springs. this will bring it back to normal.

or you can put th same guage strings as it came with.
Yup, sounds like you've gone up a gauge or two...what strings did it have originally and what gauge did you buy? It's easy enough to sort, you just need to increase the tension of the springs in the trem cavity.
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you are using a different gauge than before. adjust the springs of the bridge or if you are not comfortable with the gauge, replace them again.

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If you decide you want to keep that guage you have to tighten the claw screws in the cavity of your guitar. It sucks. Since your bridge is bent in I would start by turning both screws once. Then retune and check for your bridge and guitar to be parallel. If not, repeat- but this time turn less than one turn..like half a turn or so for each screw. Then retune. Keep doing this, turning with smaller increments so you dont go overboard until the bride is parallel. Then, depending on how good your bridge is, be prepared to retune again and again as the strings strech.

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