vista business
Windows media player 11.0.6000.6324
HP Invent 80min/700BMB CDs
Acer Aspire T180 with CD/DVD R/RW

I have no problem getting the songs on disk/....well WMP says its all fine but as soon as i put it in any of the car CD players or my studio unit I get an error...in my van it says "Check Disk".

The files are all MP3

Any ideas whats wrong?

To rule out vista and/or my desktop burner I went to another desktop with XP...some of the songs burned...others got errors though WMP...
Quote by poopt
You have to burn it in standard cd format, not mp3.

And even then, some CD players(mostly old ones) won't play burned CDs.
Ill go though the settings...I guess its set to burn in MP3...
*looks at settings"


its a newish car and other CDs have worked in the past with it.

thers no settings in WMP for MP3 or other format burning...
screen shot of the settings page:

I think ill try putting them into AAC format with iTunes and use that to burn it to disk...it should work.