Thanks man. I went out and bought a cello, violin, and a viola, and then learned the parts....nah, just kidding. My mom bought me a program called Allegro that is used to write music. It also has a pretty realistic sound engine, and what you hear is the rendered version of my piece.

I'll take a look at your thread and leave a comment there.
Man, If you would have kept up that first part about buying the instruments... I would have believed you! That is epic on an epic level. I love it. I'll have to look into Allegro. Seriously though, that is a very beautiful song.

edit: Meh, I won't link my stuff I'm writing a new song right now, the stuff I have at the moment is horrible.
I really enjoyed listening to that. There was a very nice flow and progression to the song which I was glad to hear. One thing though.. the use of the same sound for each of the lines did cause a bit of monotony. It would sound better if you actually did have a cello, violin, viola, and bass play the parts instead of a string ensemble sound playing each line. But I know used what you had, and it does sound pretty good.

Thats really the only critique I can make.

Could you listen to mine please? Thanks
Actually, that's a very good point. I just messed with it and found out I was able to make individual instrument sounds. It sounds much better now. Thanks!
DUDE i just listed to money, money is AMAZING except the vocals are kinda muffled, but thats basically it... the rest of the song sounds JUST like it if not better...
Thanks man. I'm not much of a singer but I wanted to add the vocals just so it would be complete. Still working on getting my tone to shine through in the recording more. It sounded a lot better when I was actually playing it on my amp. :/
That was great, the intro with the strings is very nice and it kinda calms you down.
I was expecting for a crescendo to make my body filled with goosebumps but it never came

Nevertheless, this is a very nice composition, solid, very well recorded, well played, well structured..
Good job man

Well, I will not leave you a link to my song since obviously you aren't a fan of the music I listen to.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.

That is a nice piece indeed. It sounds rather classic and beautyful. Reminded me of some soundtracks for the Arcanum game. Surely it is a mood music.

Regards, Ash.
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Quote by Necrolust

Well, I will not leave you a link to my song since obviously you aren't a fan of the music I listen to.

Not necessarily. I normally listen to and write hard rock music, but I was in a different mood for this piece. Go ahead and post the link.
i listen to a lot of classical music...i mean, i easily have at least 10 gigs of classical music alone, and i've listened to most of it, so lemme see how this stacks up...

first impression gotta say...for digital instruments, this sounds really damn good. not perfect, but amazing for what it is. musically, it sounds like a cross between something Baroque late-classical/early Romantic chamber music...the intro in particular, but some of the lines are in counterpoint which lends to the Baroque feel at some points. the harmony works and counterpoint is satisfying. the piece develops well throughout the piece, if the harmony does tend to start being a little less satisfying at about 1:30...no real biggie though, you could leave it and it would still sound fine. very nice piece though.

could you check mine out? it's a folkish-rock piece with ukulele, violin (real violin that i played ), piano, and acoustic guitar:
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