Anyone have any tips on the best way to haggle a good deal (be it anywhere, but specifically Guitar Center and pawn shops, but private also)? This pawn shop near my house got a guitar in, I forgot the brand of it, but it was recognizable. Anyways, they're selling it for $150 and it has some nice EMGs in it, so they obviously have no idea what they are selling since there's no other cosmetic flaws (I didn't play it though, but I imagine it functions fine).

So what kinda price should I aim for? What's the general rule of thumb when you're purchasing a guitar (i.e; if the price is $X, try and haggle down to $X). Of course, I realize it varies based completely on the situation, but what do you usually do?
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Tell them you'll give them $125 at the most. If they refuse, walk away. If they wanna sell it, they'll make the deal before you leave the store. Especially if its broken. You could try to aim lower, but I doubt they will go for anyhting less then 125
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Tell them them it feels crap to play and would need setting up professionally but it gives a good sound so ask them to know an extra few bucks off for that as a good will gesture.

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I'd start by offering 75% of the asking price. You don't want to offend anyone. They probably won't take it, but will counter. Don't be a douche. If there are flaws, point them out nicely. See if you can go back and forth a few times. I'd expect to pay 90% of the asking price, but the cheaper the better. If you can walk away feeling good about the price you paid, and the salesman doesn't feel like he took it in the shorts, you may get better deals in the future.

Whatever you do, don't insult the seller. They're not going to give you a deal just because you were a know-it-all prick.
Spend some time chatting to the salesman, playing it, showing that you're a nice guy and know something about guitars. If they like you, you're more likely to give you a discount. Ask how much it's likely to be from somewhere else, or off the Net-that's likely to get you a free setup, or some accessories, anyway.

Try and get stuff thrown in, too. Cables, books of music, maybe even a cheap effects pedal. My local one's suprisingly willing to do that to shift an instrument.
yeah my mate ended up getting an Ibanez Gio from the local music store for £100 cos he was nice :P
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its £X at GAK.co.uk so ill get it there.
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"ill give it to you for the same price as GAK and no delivery costs"
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