IM looking for a good overdrive pedal for my blues junior, Im going for a bluesy tone and something that would be good for a booster.The one i had in mind was a BBe Green Screamer, does anyone have any opinions s on this one.

I would like to find a pedal that has a true bypass, so if you guys have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.
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the Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde Ultimate Overdrive is truly the greatest OD pedal around. I'm not sure if it has true bypass though.

edit: here's a link http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Visual-Sound-Jekyll-Hyde-Ultimate-Overdrive?sku=151681
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u could try the Jekyll and Hyde od/distortion, which i hear is good. the strokes use it in their recordings, and it sounds great. but thats thru some Fender amps. i think it would work. if u like heavier stuff, try the Zakk wylde od.
Fulltone OCD. True bypass, fantastic overdrive. If you want a very Eric Clapton tone (bassy) as opposed to a SRV tone (Treble and Mids), that's exactly the pedal for you.
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il second the OCD.

you might wanna check out a boosta grande as well

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TS9 is good for bluesy SRV kinda stuff, i run mine through a blues deluxe and its amazing
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I might check out the fulltone, someone on craigslist has one for $100. No one has any opinions on the Green screamer?
Is the first edition OCD good, the one with the white nobs?
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Hmm those are good suggestions, does guitar center carry visual sound pedals? So0metimes I don't know what they have because most of the stuff they have out is Boss and Digitech.
They should. The one around here carries so many, even some fulltone pedals. You just gotta look around next to the boss and digitech ones.

Yeah, fulltone OCD or Jekyll and Hyde are my two suggestions, even though they have been said.
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I have an opinion on the BBE Green Screamer. I have played it a lot and love it. It's based on a TS-808, but it's about 250 USD cheaper (and it is true bypass). I really like the sound of it on a clean channel or on an overdriven channel. It's got the ability to help you really nail an SRV tone, if that's what you want it to do. As soon as I get the $$$, I'm going to buy it and use it to either boost or dirty my tone on my JCM.
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How versatile is the J&H if it can handle Metal well and also sound like a ts808 it would be a pretty good investment in the long run right? ,wait anyone know if it has true bypass though.
what kind of music are you gonna play?

for blues, classic rock, you wouldn't need one. or just get an EHX LPB or make one urself. if u play metal though, J&H would probably be one of the best bets, but u might wanna invest on another amp in the long run.
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Well im pretty much looking for a amp that I can use in my bedroom and perhaps be used when jamming with other people, How does the peavy classic 30 or Blues Deluxe reissue sound?
i a/b'd a tubscreamer deluxe and an mxr distortion+ at guitar center before with a mexican fat strat and a blues jr. both sounded amazing.
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In response to the OCD v1.

It's all preference, really.
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^yup. the 3 versions are just about preference. and yes get the OCD. true bypass as opposed to the poor visual sound bypasses.