I'm just looking for a cheap guitar to play while I'm away at college. I'm a little low on cash (college'll do that to you), so my limit is $100. I've been playing for about 8 years now, but have only ever used the one my uncle let me borrow, and my brothers, both great guitars. So I think I've picked out two decent ones, but I'm having trouble deciding between the two, so if anyone could help out, it would be greatly appreciated. And of course any other suggestions are welcome as well.

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone AJ-1 Acoustic Guitar (Natural)
For $100 youre really not going to get anything good, Im sure youve realised that. I would never really recommend getting a guitar with a laminate top unless it is an absolute bargain. If i only had $100 to spend id try getting a used guitar that has a solid top.
Either one of those Epiphones would be fine. You might also look into Alvarez and Takamine. If there's any way you can pony up some more cash, the $200 - $250 USD range is considerably better than the $100 range.

If you're cool with used guitars, check out your local pawn shops. A friend of mine picked up an old Harmony classical acoustic for $50 last week. It might not have the snappiest tone, but it looks cool and is really fun to play. If I were spending under $100, I'd buy used. Who knows, you might even find one with a case.

They have good quality for low prices.
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I do not usually recommend going to pawn shops, however, for your case, that is probably your best bet.
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get a low takamine still soujnds good for around 375 man you'll be satisfied

do you realize that's almost four times as much as he's willing to spend?

check out used applause guitars. they're durable too.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll definitely check out the sites and brands recommended.

Wasted Resource,

I'll have to stick to the 100-150 price range, I'm just really strapped for cash at the moment.

And yeah, Jorb, way out of my price range
In that price range... I think eBay might be your best friend. I just did an advanced search for "acoustic guitar" in the Musical Instruments category and set maximum price to $100 and time remaining to 12 hours. Some really good deals came up. There were some better model, brand new Epiphone's on there for right at about $100 shipped.
the new Ibanez sage series dreadnought has a solid top and vintage looks for just 150 bucks. take a look at it. Also, Yamaha has a solid top acoustic with a hard case for like 179.