hey, its a short lyrical song, but it fits with the music

theres a sun over the hill,
were cares disappear
into the light

assembled in a line they
search for a way,
to get through to the other side

They're all lost but I,
know the way. x 2
Follow me, foll-ow- me

all road maps, swallowed by the flare
take me there
my eyes covered by my hand
for this I cannot stand

-Instrumental Bridge-

They're all lost but I,
know the way. x 4
Follow me, foll-ow- me
its... ok, definately needs more work... maybe a little more detail in verses.

i particularly dislike the intro verse...

starts off good.. i just dont like the 'into the light' line...

a little work will make it better. id like to see a revised version with a fixed intro...

all in all its pretty good....
doesnt seem like there was a lot of time spent behind it,
its simple...

--also, i find that three line verses just seem incomplete... not particularly pointing out any in this piece.
I can see where you're coming from about it looking plain without the music. I have songs like that man, if u put a recording up PM me man cos I'll give my opinion (if you want it).

Dig it so far tho.

Maybe crit one of myn if u have time? (in sig)