so about a month ago, i got my old Squire Strat, and i made some homemade strap-locks ( a screw and a washer) my brother got his old yamaha bass, and we decided to try accomplishing guitar flips. ive seen em done at shows and stuff, but i had never done one. so after about 5 tries each, we both sucessfully pulled off guitar flips. it was pretty cool to watch each other do them. but after a while, our necks got really scraped, and my brother's neck started bleeding. so who has all tried a guitar flip?
lol i have with my old walmart(first act)...but i think i might have done it wrong because the guitar flew off in mid air and landed hard on the ground.

It still works. I havent tried it since, because I sold it lol.
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I got them down on my squire. There fun as ****. Wear a collared shirt next time.
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i trusted my strap locks to my epiphone les paul. the screws stripped out and it went over the back, and down HARD on the neck.

i nearly cried till i figured out it wasnt damaged.
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I remember watching a guitarist performing at our school attempt a guitar flip. He had a Kirk Hammet signature (the cheapest ltd model, not a true blue ESP mind you). He flipped it, then his strap came off and his guitar flew up into the air. He caught it right before it hit the floor, it was pretty sweet.

Now, you just need to do what Steve Vai does on the Yankee Rose vid!!!
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I just did some today cut my neck the first time but had it on the second

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