Hey, we're a punk band from Deland (if you dont know where that is, or live more than 45 minutes away, dont reply) Florida, and we're looking for a singer. Although we prefer punk, but we're pretty open to different styles of music. We're freshmen at deland highshool, and we're all 14, so we're lookin for a 13-15 year old. We mostly play covers (bad religion, anti-flag, rise against, the buzzcocks, nirvana, blink 182, the suicide machines, and system of a down) but we're in the process of writing originals. No matter what genre you sing, we'll probably take you. Grunge, Punk, Ska, Hardcore, its all good to us, but please, no Emo or Grindore. So PM me if your interested.
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I went to Deland High, I live in Deltona, who are you guys? I cant sing, but im curious because Ive never seen anyone local on UG
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