Hi guys, I'm a noob to multi effects . I'm currently deciding between the digitech RP250 and the boss GT8 and ME-50. Could you tell me which is a better buy?
Boss all the way~ hehe
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Boss and Digitech are both good brands .

Have a look at the Digitech GNX 3000 or Boss GT8 .

These seem to be the best sounding and most practical units .

Dont go for the smaller units like Boss ME-50 or Digitech RP 300 etc . They may sound ok ... but dont store effect in "banks" . So if you want to go from say effect 1 to effect 20 you cant switch direct across you need to physically go through every effect . So to me those pedals are useless .

The GT8 and GNX3000 store effect in banks and are easy to hop from one to another and have so many awsome usable features. However at first for a newbie to a multi effects unit will take a bit of time to find your self around and master .

I got myself the Boss GT8 . Just looked more rugged and had more better reviews.... and was on special
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