I've just bought a see-thru strat style guitar from a company called Wesley and it looks awesome but I was wondering if its possible to buy see-thru/acrylic pickguards as well. If they exist does anyone know where I'd be able to find them? I searched on the internet but had no luck so far.
yes, but they are not brilliant guitars, but not bad for the price
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Yeah but then like you said for the price (£56) I'm not expecting an amazing tone! I'm thinking about replacing all the electrics and putting in some fender pickups but I'm not sure if its gonna be a waste of some nice pups if the body/neck is gonna destroy the tone.
for those of us that dont know a thing about those see thru guitars are the more expensive models any good? i seen B.C Rich has one
I know theres a super expensive Ampeg Dan Armstrong see thru guitar and theres also the one Dave Grohl uses in the 'all my life' video which i've heard is custom made for him (may well be wrong on that). Mine arrived today so just went home on my lunch break to try it out, as expected it doesn't sound amazing! It's also seriously heavy. Hopefully once i've changed the pickups it'll have a more useable sound.
I have a Wesley. I noticed a bit of fret buzz around the 12 fret, after reading some reviews i heard it was pretty common. I have a solid body one, its pretty good. With a proper set-up and new pups it should be great.
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Lolz, I still have my Wesley that I scored for £89 off ebay. it fell of the stand once and cracked the neck. For the money I probably could'nt of got a better guitar, it didn't sound superb but it felt so smooth and comfy to play.
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which i've heard is custom made for him

nope, it was originally released when dave was a baby, in 1970. you can actually buy them, if you go to dolphin music u can pickup one for £1070

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